Built on Binance Smart Chain

The Safewex Protocol will be built on both Binance Smart Chain. Fast, convenient and secure. The Safewex Protocol will allow users to have full control of their funds while using any of the platform products. Smart Swapping, Yield Farming, Margin Trade, and many more. Cross chain operations guarantee low transaction fees without the need to leave funds on custody to third parties.

Highly secure

Easily exchange between your assets without giving control of your funds to anyone.


Instant operations with seamless user experience and low transactions fees.


One stop solution to save time & money. Switch and Swap between various chains in one place.


Our Products

Smart Swapping, Yield Farming and Cross Chaining

Direct cross chain swapping without order books, deposits or coin wrapping. High Yield Annual Interest for SAWEX token holders and Liquidity Providers.

  • Take complete control of your funds.
  • Low transaction fees.
  • Fast, convenient & secure.
  • Swap across various chains in one place.
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Safewex airdrop


Refer your friends and claim bonus

Get Referral Link

  • Referral friend claim 9 SAWEX
  • You receive 9 SAWEX
  • Referral no limit bonus.

Margin Trading

Boost your trading profits with increased leverage by getting access to greater capital sums to trade with.

  • Get access to trading capital easily.
  • Potential to amplify your profits.
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The Timeline

  • 23 Nov, 2021

    Binance Smart Chain Reward Series

  • 26 Nov, 2021

    Community Airdrops

  • Dec, 2021

    Token Contract Release

  • Dec, 2021

    Community Contests

  • Jan, 2022

    Ecosystem & Features Showcase

  • Feb, 2022

    Community Adoption & Partnerships

  • Upcoming

    Refined Smart Swapping & Yield Farming

  • Upcoming

    Gift Dapp

  • Q3, 2022

    NFTS Rewarding

  • Q3, 2022

    Future Exchange

  • Early Q4, 2022

    Cross Chain & Governance System

  • Q4, 2022

    Decentralized Gaming


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Frequently asked questions

The Safewex Protocol is designed to bring new solutions to the Defi space, a Decentralized protocol that aims to give to the community access to several instruments to expand the adoption of Blockchain technologies in daily life. The Safewex Protocol is completely designed, set up, developed, and driven by the Safewex Protocol community. All proposals and decision-making are established and decided within the community.

The Safewex Protocol gifting system will allow users to win prizes and send gifts to other users. Other DeFi projects will be able to use this Dapp to reward their communities. Social Media influencers can drastically increase their follower base by sending rewards to their subscribers. ‌

Users will have the chance to win different values of SAWEX tokens and other compatible tokens and purchase "Spins" as gifts to other users.

Defi projects can apply to utilize the Gifting Dapp to reward and promote their platforms inside their own userbase and other crypto communities.

Safewex’s Protocol Smart Swapping is our fundamental exchange which will allow users to trade various tokens like BNB, BUSD, USDT, ETH, TRON, BAND on the Binance Smart Chain with many other tokens like USDT, LINK, DAI, CRO, UNI, YFI, OMG, HEX and many, many more.

Margin is the money borrowed from a lender to purchase an investment and is the difference between the total value of an investment and the loan amount. Margin trading refers to the practice of using borrowed funds from a lender to trade an asset, which forms the collateral for the loan from the lender. In Crypto most lenders are centralized exchanges. This can lead to a conflict of interests since price can be easily manipulated by these exchanges to increase their profits when user predictions are wrong.

SafewexProtocol will introduce margin trading to the decentralized finance space to help users tackle problems related to leverage trading. The margin trading product will be more user-centric enabling a new set of foundations for margin traders:

SafewexProtocol Yield Farming provides a decentralized platform to maximize the return rate and rewards for the Liquidity Providers. Our Yield Farming DApp will allow users to farm tokens over the period taken, based on the assets supplied into the platform, with a very attractive APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and inflation rate.

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